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Word-of-mouth drives consumer buying behaviour. Stop swimming against the current; amplify those already familiar with your brand.

The power of word-of-mouth to drive results


Marketing nudge

Customer action

Brand recall is like buying a new car

Have you ever purchased a new car only to see the same car driving everywhere? That’s because our brains filter out the unfamiliar. Once something is familiar to you, you start seeing it everywhere.

The chicken and egg

This is why ad and brand recall rates are so poor – when consumers are not familiar with your product or brand, they unconsciously ignore the ad. People will ignore your product’s ads unless they already know about it. 

We all follow the herd

We rely on social learning and most individuals will copy people they know or trust. This is more likely to happen locally rather than globally, meaning we’re more likely to adopt something only after enough of people in our network have.

Nudge theory: the rule of 7

Consumers need to hear a consistent message seven times before they remember it. Hearing a message multiple times from trusted sources (friends and family) in their community means that consumers are more likely to unfilter your ads and act on your marketing nudges.

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Pandemic modelling, turned upside down

Our data scientists took pandemic science and flipped it on its head. The Herdify team use that type of modelling to predict where word-of-mouth is taking place in the real world.

Pandemic modelling is about predicting where a virus will transmit between people. The same models can be used to predict how brand messages will transmit between people.

An AI engine, fuelled by GDPR-compliant data

Using this science, Herdify can predict where people are talking about your brand in the real world.

We don’t rely on social media data. Instead, we take your sales data and look for patterns to see the location and frequency of how these messages are being transmitted.

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