You’re missing the offline piece of your brand puzzle

A strategic planning tool that helps your ecommerce business track and grow brand health in the real world.

Stop us if this sounds familiar

You’re responsible for growing your ecommerce brand in a challenging marketplace. You need to develop a strategic growth plan, but you’ve no idea where to start.

There are 64 million brand conversations every minute. The problem is that two-thirds of them happen offline, and online tools only give you part of the picture.

Monitoring a growth plan and making strategic adjustments has always been difficult. In today’s world, where attribution is full of uncertainty, it can feel like an uphill battle to the boardroom…

If that’s you, step into the Cow Shed.

Herdify at a glance

A simple to use, brand growth and planning tool for busy marketers.

Connect anything

Link your sales data to our portal, whatever the platform. It’s super easy.

Measure brand reputation

Instantly see hotspots where word-of-mouth is driving your growth.

You’re back in control

Who needs cookies? Not us. Just your data and our behavioural psychology expertise.

Develop your growth strategy

Focus new activity and spend in areas where you have warm communities and word-of-mouth.

Short-cycle feedback

Don’t wait for an annual review to tweak your strategy. Get monthly insight on what’s working.

Omnichannel attribution

Measure cross-channel marketing performance and get an independent view on where to spend.

How Herdify works

We take your ecommerce sales data and look under the hood to identify word-of-mouth hotspots. Successful brands like Uber and Airbnb find one community at a time.

The upshot? We identify where you should take your product or brand next, so you can measure and develop a brand strategy that works in the real world.

It works like this…

John buys a new pair of LookGood Trainers and wears them on a night out.

Jack at the Jazz Bar loves them and tells the football team. Gus the goalie tells the gym crowd, Pam from Pilates tells the office, and just like that LookGood Trainers is the name on everyone’s lips.

Ollie hears in the office. A week later he sees their ad in his Instagram feed. Spurred on by Pam’s voice in his head and FOMO (but really prompted by word-of-mouth and great brand campaigns), he’s in.

Ollie buys a new pair of LookGood trainers and wears them on a night out. Guess what?
If only you knew where this was happening to your product.

Welcome to Herdify. We use your ecommerce sales data to identify powerful word-of-mouth hotspots. You take those insights and create a growth plan that’s easy to measure, month-by-month.

All you have to do is plug it in, turn it on and fast forward your business to the fun part.

Why Herdify?

There is no such thing as global brand awareness, it’s simply a collection of millions of small communities of brand awareness. Your brand becomes more powerful when the communities bump into each other and overlap.

When we see an ad, we might buy something. When our friends or family recommend it, we’re much more likely to buy (200 times more likely to be exact). When we get both, most of us follow the herd (92% if we’re being exact again).

We’ll show you where people are talking about your brand in the real world, and where to develop your brand strategy to encourage this herd mentality.

Use scientifically proven growth strategies employed by the likes of Facebook, Uber and Airbnb to track brand health in the real world. Online sentiment doesn’t always correlate with business success (you only have to compare Ryanair’s twitter feed with their financials).

Herdify’s omnichannel tracking and attribution allows you to measure the indirect costs associated with brand growth.

The major ad platforms only track seven days of data and all sit in their own silos. They don’t account for long-tail attribution and the time it takes for messages to travel through communities. We can show you where you should spend and what each location is returning on your investment.

Getting started with Herdify

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