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Data requirements

What data do you need?

We need 4 fields from your sales data. We don’t request any Personally
Identifiable Information (PII) to ensure we stay GDPR compliant.

For every sales transaction, we need:

  1. Customer identifier – A unique identifier for the customer, for example a
    customer number.
  2. Purchase date – This is the date of the purchase. Note, please include all
    sales for a customer, not just their first/last.
  3. Billing postcode – This is the postcode for the billing address.
  4. Purchase value – This is the total value of the purchase.

How much data do you need?

In most cases we need 2 years' worth of historical data. If you have less than this, please speak with us so we can advise further.

How do I get the data to you

We’re flexible! We want to make it easy for you so we connect with over 400 data platforms with our prebuilt connectors or if you’d prefer, you can export your data manually and share that with us.

Let’s dig a little deeper

Yes! We look at a business’s own non-PII first-party data and build our predictions in a GDPR compliant way. We don’t listen to conversations directly – but we detect them because of the footprints they leave in your sales data.

Sales driven by word-of-mouth leave different traces from those that aren’t.

The data we collect from customers is non-Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

The modelling outputs we work to are compliant with GDPR using Office for National Statistics (ONS) Standards. We also have third-party annual privacy audits to check against UK GDPR, The Data Protection Act 2018, and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 [Any ISOs].

Yes! We can anonymise data for you, if required. Simply mention this when
speaking to us and we’ll work with you to do this in a secure way.

You definitely do not need a data scientist or even an analyst!

It’s a straightforward process to connect your data to our portal – simply have the login details for your data platform (Shopify, WooCommerce etc) to hand.
We’ll then quickly generate our insights and recommendations, and hand them back to you in an easy-to-digest format every month.

Who are we?

95% of us follow the herd…

People believe in recommendations they’ve heard from those they trust, but most of those conversations are hidden in the offline world.

Our GDPR compliant behavioural influence platform, powered by 15 years of data science research, finds where your biggest fans are talking about you. The result? More word-of-mouth sales… A bigger herd, if you will.

Sounds good but worried it’s a lot of work? Don’t worry, we’ve created a simple 4-step process to get you up and running. After that you’ll receive monthly insights on how to harness the power of word of mouth. Simple.

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“Social communities grow more powerfully offline, yet most marketing tactics tap into the online element. 92% of word-of-mouth – the single biggest influence on consumer buying behaviour – happens offline."

~ Ed Barter, Lead data scientist at Herdify

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