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Understand what’s really behind your customers’ buying behaviour

Powered by AI, Herdify is a brand tool that taps into behavioural science. We find your brand’s most powerful communities and deliver the insights that really matter for growth and strategy.

Intelligent insights that propel YOUR brand’s growth

Most insights give you data that delves into what’s happening for your category. We give you insights that are specific for your brand. Challenger brands can’t win with the same data as their competitors – we give you the upper hand so that you can compete with a smaller budget.

We fold seamlessly into your models

You might be thinking that another insights tool is the last thing you need! We work alongside data science and insight teams to complement existing models – and we’re incredibly easy to implement, from bespoke project options to a monthly service.

Start your journey with seamless integration

Your Herdify journey begins by connecting your first-party data via our collection of over 400 connectors.

Want to know how we do it?

In less than two minutes, learn how pandemic science modelling can help you predict where your next best audience is located.

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Transform brand communities into exponential growth

Consumers copy those they know and trust, and community recommendations are the fastest nudge to purchase.

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Ignite your brand power: Why your offline community is the real influencer

“Social communities grow more powerfully offline, yet most marketing tactics tap into the online element. 92% of word-of-mouth – the single biggest influence on consumer buying behaviour – happens offline."

~ Ed Barter, Lead data scientist at Herdify

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