Humans ignore up to 10,000 ads each day.

It’s time to cut through the noise.

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The power of word-of-mouth marketing is well established

It’s a channel that drives up to 200 times more sales than traditional ads, with 95% of customers following recommendations from people that they know.

It’s also notoriously difficult to track. That’s where we come in. No other tool can detect and harness offline word-of-mouth.

Herdify works with marketing ecommerce leaders who want to:

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How Herdify can help you

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We've got our ears to the ground.

Chief Marketing Officers

Offline is no longer off limits.

Data scientists

It all starts earlier than you may think.

Performance marketers

Talk is anything but cheap.

Businesses of all sizes

We know who your next customer is. Do you?

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Increase ROAS by 50% with a non-branded keyword strategy

“These are the best results that we’ve seen for non-branded keywords since we started Google Ads,” says James Robinson, ecommerce manager at the Rare Tea Company.

In our free keyword strategy guide, Ed Barter, lead data scientist at Herdify, explains why brands that maintain or invest in keyword spend are more likely to win the 2023 marketing race.