Chief marketing officers

Offline is no longer off limits

Herdify puts word-of-mouth in your hands.

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You know that recommendations from friends and family are often the most important factor driving your business today.

But you currently have no way to measure it or influence what type of word-of-mouth conversations are being had about your brand.

You need an accessible analytics tool that will give you data-driven insights to identify what’s being missed and how to positively impact the bottom line. One national brand that worked with us saw a 194% increase in conversions and a 468% uplift in ROI after targeting the areas we identified with paid media.

Herdify provides CMOs with the ability to:

By targeting revenue, not clicks, you’ll be able to reach new customers faster and with less budget. You’ll build trust, increase the average order value, and generate more repeat sales and positive reviews.

It’s all there. You just need to tap into it.



We've got our ears to the ground.

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officers

Offline is no longer off limits.

Data scientists

It all starts earlier than you may think.

Performance marketers

Talk is anything but cheap.

Businesses of all sizes

We know who your next customer is. Do you?

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