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Abel & Cole

Hear from the herd

On average, customers in Abel & Cole’s community areas spend 10% more than those in areas without. Working with Herdify and Whistl, they focussed their door drops on these target locations.

The average response rate in community areas was 120% higher than in areas with no communities

The return from just one campaign covered the Herdify cost for one year, including any future campaigns

The power of real-world communities

Community does not just mean gifting, referrals, giveaways, ambassador programmes and social media groups.

Communities are streets, towns and cities where word-of-mouth is the primary influence in sales, rather than marketing. They are the real-world locations where you have brand awareness that is driving growth.

Door drops
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X subscription brands

Door drop collateral can create several impressions after the initial post. Think about all those people who see it left on a kitchen counter or table.

A flyer serves as a powerful nudge to purchase, especially if that person has already been recommended your product by someone in their community.

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