Harness your brand's influence: the untapped potential of offline communities awaits

Unearth the strategies powering today's market leaders, with Herdify's groundbreaking behavioural science insights.

Key features

AI-powered analysis

Venture beyond the surface. Discover the intricate web of offline conversations shaping your brand's narrative.

Community hotspots

Pinpoint the heartbeats of your brand's influence, and let's amplify them together.

CRM integration

A harmonious union with your CRM, ensuring insights flow seamlessly and empower every decision.

Behavioural science approach

Delve into the human psyche, understanding the 'why' behind every brand conversation.


A visual symphony of your brand's influence, guiding your next strategic move.

Data-driven decisions

Let's craft a narrative backed by real-world insights, ensuring every step is a leap forward.

It’s time to make real-world conversations your marketing superpower.

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What our customers say

“ Herdify helped us use community targeting to improve our door drop campaigns. The response rates in areas with Abel & Cole communities were 120% higher than in those without.”


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“We are impressed with the results so far that we’ve seen in the trial with Herdify. We applied their behavioural segmentation to our test Google Performance Max campaign for Cotswold Outdoor and saw an uplift in ROAS of up to 25% during that trial period”

~Rob Hopkins, Head of Digital, Outdoor & Cycle Concepts

"The transparency and level of detail shown in the results are fantastic. It feels head and shoulders above the others I've seen.”

~ Alex Spencer, Senior Brand Manager, Ella's Kitchen

I was able to use Herdify's data to target specific areas with influencer marketing. I would highly recommend this to anyone in an ecommerce space wanting to give a local community feel to their marketing.

~ Candice Mason, Founder, Mother Cuppa Tea

Dive into the silent power of offline communities

Find out how we combine AI, first-party data and behavioural science to identify your ideal audience.

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