Performance marketers

If you target everywhere, you target nowhere

“It’s time for marketers to master the ancient art of target marketing. It has never been more important. It has never been more poorly done.”
~ Mark Ritson

Say goodbye to “spray and pray”

Most challenger retail brands don’t have the budgets to stretch to the entire population. There’s a lot of ground to cover between your potential market and your existing customers. Precision word-of-mouth targeting bridges that gap much faster.

Data-driven targeting that delivers results

Target audiences most likely to buy

Receive AI-powered location targets, built to amplify existing word-of-mouth

Make your ad the final nudge

92% of people prefer recommendations over cold advertising

Eliminate wasted ad spend

Publish ads where people have already been recommended your product

Custom audience, not lookalike

Stop targeting the same customer pool as your competition

Our social groups are our biggest influence

When our friends recommend something, we listen. We find where that’s happening for your brand in the real world, then deliver monthly target audiences to help your ads reinforce those recommendations. The upshot is efficient targeting that delivers.

Standout targeting starts with the right insights

Meet Sarah.

Sarah is in charge of performance marketing for a sustainable skincare brand. She has a limited budget and has identified a sizable proportion of the UK population as her potential market.

She’s tried all the usual segmentation, but so far she’s driven small numbers of sales across the UK and is making little impact.

Let’s start by analysing Sarah’s sales data, to give a snapshot of where people are already talking about her brand. This will help us to find where his warmest communities are, so that Sarah can target those areas and nudge prospects already warm to her brand through her advertising strategy.

Sarah could use our audience location recommendations to:

  • Buy localised TV spots and radio slots
  • Target social media ads to specific locations
  • Apply precision location targeting to Google Ads
  • Select out-of-home (OOH) locations on a hyper-local level
  • Apply a hyper-local radius to door-drop advertising


Tom Ridges

Herdify, CEO

One audience, multiple outputs





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