5 awesome ways to market an ecommerce store

Whether you run a clothing line, skincare or antique furniture ecommerce brand, there are tested and proven ways to market your online store.

At every stage of the marketing funnel, take a step back and ask, “Where is my customer at in their buying journey, and what’s the best way to reach them?”

Having this approach to marketing helps you to personalise your messaging and also set clear goals for each strategy that you take.

In this article, we explore five different ways to market your store and reach customers who can’t wait to buy from you.

Let’s get started.

1 | Nail your product page

Your product page could either make or break a sale if not carefully thought about. Customers don’t have the luxury of seeing your product physically, which means you need to captivate their imagination and answer all possible questions on the product page.

Some of the ways you can create terrific product pages include:

  • Punching emotion and logic into your copy for the product 
  • Providing extra detail in the description 
  • Showcasing reviews from previous customers
  • Posting real life customer pictures to boost trust and credibility
  • Enabling social sharing to increase your brand’s reach 

Screaming Frog offers more tips on how to create a product copy page that sells.

2 | Optimise checkout pages

Cart abandonment can be your worst nightmare as an ecommerce store owner. 

You’ve worked hard to attract and nurture customers, only for them to decide they aren’t ready to buy yet.

Truth is, it could happen for a number of reasons such as customers encountering an unexpected shipping fee or perhaps no payment option that fits them, or just page distractions that you may not be aware of.

Here are a few tips on how to optimise checkout pages:

  • Add a product summary 
  • Include cross and upsell items that could increase your average order value
  • Allow multiple payment options and ask for payment last
  • Boost social proof by highlighting reviews from previous customers

3 | Social media marketing

Social media can be a great way to lure customers who are at the top of the funnel before finally converting them into brand advocates.

Platforms like Facebook have over a billion users and what’s even better they have powerful targeting and segmentation tools so you can advertise effectively.

Here are tips for social media marketing:

  • Create video content as much as possible. This is because almost every social media platform is heavily promoting their video feature and you can simply repurpose and change audios for different platforms.
  • Create a branded hashtag for User generated Content. Again, you can repurpose the content as social proof.
  • Create shoppable posts for Instagram and Pinterest
  • Post often to increase your online reach.

4 | Have a minimalist web design

Ecommerce website design plays a critical role in the success of an online store. If you have a website that’s too ‘noisy’, you just might be losing your customer for that simple reason.

Tips on website design and copy include:

  • Use clear categories and labels, and make it easy for customers to filter products by price, size, color, or other attributes.
  • Include multiple images from different angles and provide zoom functionality to allow customers to see the details.
  • Ensure that your website uses secure payment options to protect your customers’ personal and financial information. Use SSL encryption and offer payment options that are trusted and widely used, such as PayPal or credit cards.
  • If you target different groups, have separate calls to actions that lead the customer to the ideal category.
  • Use frictionless calls to action that address a user’s potential objections. For example, rather than “buy now”, use “buy now, deliver tomorrow”

5 | Create an FAQ page

Your customers are likely to have queries before making any online purchase. Having an FAQ page is a great way to answer objections that frequently come up and helps improve your customer service.

Great FAQ practices include:

  • Update your FAQs regularly, especially if you make changes to your products or services.
  • Make the content easy to find.
  • Provide a search bar on your FAQ page, so that customers can quickly find information they’re looking for.
  • Ask your customer service team for help in identifying common customer queries.
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