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Word-of-mouth customers | Herdify

Why it’s easier to generate repeat sales than find new ones

Retained customers are your most loyal brand ambassadors who bring in repeat sales. Read this post to learn why it can be easier to generate repeat sales than find new ones.
Marketing planning meeting | Herdify

ecommerce marketing examples: 5 great brands to learn from

Creating a marketing strategy can be a challenge, especially if you’ve got no idea where exactly to start. Read on to learn from 5 brands that have grown into million dollar companies.
Online sale | Herdify

Increasing repeat sales: how to get them wanting more

Getting repeat customers doesn't just happen by chance. In this post, we take a deep-dive into tactics you can use to consistently get repeat sales from customers.
Metrics | Herdify

CLV vs LTV: life or death ecommerce metrics

Have you ever wondered which metrics are right when evaluating the worth of a customer? How brilliant would it be if you just knew who your best customers are?
Roaring fire pit | Herdify

7 red-hot tips to attract QUALITY customers to your ecommerce store

Seven red hot marketing tips and hints on attracting the customers you want to your ecommerce store.
Garage wall full of tools | Herdify

Ecommerce marketing: the best tools to get the most out of your marketing

With the right marketing tools you can streamline your campaigns and gain better results. But, what tool should you use and when should you use it?
Growing plants | Herdify

Ecommerce conversion: 10 quick ways to increase average order value

Getting customers to spend takes time and when they do. Follow our handy guide to offer more irresistible deals that customers can't ignore.
Marketing team meeting | Herdify

The marketing skills crisis: How to upskill your team in 2022

In this post-Covid 19 age, getting to know your customers intimately both online and offline should be a priority and that's where a data analyst comes in.
Friends in conversation | Herdify

What does word-of-mouth marketing mean today?

How often have you been on the hunt for a new skincare product, local restaurant recommendation or dinner subscription service, and turned to friends or relatives for ideas and opinions?
Friends in conversation | Herdify

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Ignite your brand power: Why your offline community is the real influencer

“Social communities grow more powerfully offline, yet most marketing tactics tap into the online element. 92% of word-of-mouth – the single biggest influence on consumer buying behaviour – happens offline."

~ Ed Barter, Lead data scientist at Herdify

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