Herdify grows senior team with Ed Barter named Lead Data Scientist

Ed Barter - lead data scientist, GDlabs

London, UK, Tuesday 21st October

UK-based Herdify, an AI audience targeting and intelligence platform, has added a key new hire to the team today. Ed Barter, who has a PhD in network science, with research experience in AI, becomes Lead Data Scientist.

Herdify’s is helping brands and businesses in the post-privacy, post- cookie era. Helping executives from operations, sales and marketing identify where their next customers are located.

Using the Herdify platform, professionals can quickly, simply and accurately, down to a street level, see where their brand is being discussed or new clusters of potential customers are forming. Herdify uses a company’s own sales data and applies AI alongside ‘network theory’ to produce a data output or heat map of locations for targeting.

Without relying on social listening or third-party data, sales and marketing teams become laser-focused on where new customers can be found. As a result, Herdify customers grow faster, reduce CAC and optimise the return on every pound spent.

Ed has a PhD in network science, skills he used when applying machine learning to understand the most important properties that drive the neighbourhoods of the city. Ed has also used his work to predict financial risk and fraud, giving him commercial experience with bringing innovative products to market.

Speaking about his appointment, Ed said: “I’m delighted to be joining such a fast-growing team, the potential for customers from the Herdify platform is vast. It’s simple to connect to, using your own sales data improves accuracy and our targeting is compliant with shifting customer targeting.  I have already been busy developing a whitepaper guide to how companies can use network science.”

Ed will be working closely with our co-founder, Dr Tim Drye. Their combined skill sets bring deep network science expertise to the team, said Tom Ridges, CEO and Co-founder of Herdify.

Adding: “We’re delighted to have Ed on board. As we move forward with our mission to make accessible powerful AI & data for any business looking to grow faster while aligning with the new privacy landscape, having Ed leading this important function will make a huge impact on our customers.”


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