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Shopping centre | Herdify Word-of-mouth

The rise of social commerce and what it means for your 2023 marketing strategy

There was a time when shopping centres and big stores ruled the retail experience. Then came ecommerce, which revolutionised physical commerce into a virtual experience. As technology keeps improving, so does shopping, and there’s a new kid on the block – social commerce.

Women using a megaphone | Word-of-mouth | Herdify

How word-of-mouth can influence the marketing funnel

Learn how to harness the power of word-of-mouth and use it to fuel your marketing campaigns. From generating leads to closing sales, we’ve got you covered.

Ask the Herd: Ed Barter | Herdify

Ask the Herd: Ed Barter

It’s just over a year now since Ed Barter joined the Herdify team. We sat down with him and took a deep dive into his love of data.

Black Friday shopper | Herdify

9 tips, tricks & trends for Black Friday marketing in 2022

Despite the financial crisis, Black Friday is still tipped for huge success this year. Here’s how to successfully market your business on Black Friday.

Black Friday word-of-mouth calculator | Herdify

Why targeting offline word-of-mouth will turbocharge your Black Friday 

Use our calculator to find out how much word-of-mouth targeting could increase your Black Friday revenue by.

Friends using word-of-mouth | Friends laughing and talking | Herdify

How to create word-of-mouth

In this article, we’ll discuss why word-of-mouth works and ways to create offline word-of-mouth conversations. Let’s get started.

Word-of-mouth | Friends laughing and talking | Herdify

5 times word-of-mouth worked for a brand

Herd behaviour is part of what makes us human. We love to belong and that’s a natural psychological need. Word-of-mouth marketing works for that single reason.

Word-of-mouth customers | Herdify

Why it’s easier to generate repeat sales than find new ones

Retained customers are your most loyal brand ambassadors who bring in repeat sales. Read this post to learn why it can be easier to generate repeat sales than find new ones.

Marketing planning meeting | Herdify

ecommerce marketing examples: 5 great brands to learn from

Creating a marketing strategy can be a challenge, especially if you’ve got no idea where exactly to start. Read on to learn from 5 brands that have grown into million dollar companies.

Online sale | Herdify

Increasing repeat sales: how to get them wanting more

Getting repeat customers doesn’t just happen by chance. In this post, we take a deep-dive into tactics you can use to consistently get repeat sales from customers.

Metrics | Herdify

CLV vs LTV: life or death ecommerce metrics

Have you ever wondered which metrics are right when evaluating the worth of a customer? How brilliant would it be if you just knew who your best customers are?

Roaring fire pit | Herdify

7 red-hot tips to attract QUALITY customers to your ecommerce store

Seven red hot marketing tips and hints on attracting the customers you want to your ecommerce store.

Friends in conversation | Herdify

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Increase ROAS by 50% with a non-branded keyword strategy

“These are the best results that we’ve seen for non-branded keywords since we started Google Ads,” says James Robinson, ecommerce manager at the Rare Tea Company.

In our free keyword strategy guide, Ed Barter, lead data scientist at Herdify, explains why brands that maintain or invest in keyword spend are more likely to win the 2023 marketing race.