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Meet Tom, our CEO and head herder, and Ed, lead data geek, as they discuss all things marketing, data and behavioural science in our bi-monthly podcast.

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The The Grapevine | Herdify

2023: The year of efficiency | The Grapevine S1:10

We’re inundated with new developments in technology and automation, but does that make us more efficient?

The Grapevine header | 8 May 2023 | Herdify

Unlock the power of sustainable eCommerce | The Grapevine S1:9

Unravel the paradox of sustainability and eCommerce with Chloë Thomas. Consume less, grow more and keep optimising. Can we make it work? Let’s find out!

The Grapevine header | 24 April 2023 | Herdify

6 degrees of separation: The Kevin Bacon effect | The Grapevine S1:8

What can Kevin Bacon teach you about marketing?  Fresh on the podcast today, Ed and Tom discuss the idea of 6 degrees of separation, otherwise known as the “small world effect”.

The Grapevine header | 10 April 2023 | Herdify

The secrets behind data-driven creativity | The Grapevine S1:7

On the podcast this week, hear from Mike Taylor… In his own words, a “recovering agency owner” and author of the upcoming book, “Marketing Memetics”.

The Grapevine header | 27 March 2023 | Herdify

The cool kids: leading the herd astray | The Grapevine S1:6

What makes one song a massive hit, and one a flop? What sets apart the popular kids? Why do 1 billion people own an iPhone, more than any other brand?

The Grapevine header | 14 March 2023 | Herdify

Performance Marketing World 2023: The wash-up | The Grapevine S1:5

If you missed the two days of Performance Marketing World Unlocked, we’ve distilled it all into one hour!

The Grapevine header | 27 February 2023 | Herdify

How a conversation in the pub can drive 200x more sales than an ad | The Grapevine S1:4

Did you know that a conversation in the pub can drive 200 x more sales than a creative your team has laboured over for weeks?

The Grapevine header | 13 February 2023 | Herdify

Mindful Chef: How to win the subscription box race | The Grapevine S1:3

Supercharged referrers, retention incentives, the impact of discounting… On this week’s podcast, Ed and Tom meet Arthur Guinness, Head of acquisition at Mindful Chef.

The Grapevine header | 30 January | Herdify

Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu: from pro-football to proving his ecommerce stripes | The Grapevine S1:2

Like many ecommerce businesses, Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu’s journey from professional footballer to experienced marketer and owner of The Tumeric Co. didn’t happen overnight. 

The Grapevine header | 16 January | Herdify

Kicking off 2023 with Shopify, cookies & ecom collabs | The Grapevine S1:1

This week, Ed and Tom dissect Shopify’s Commerce Trends 2023 report.

As usual, the guys take a behavioural science view, and they don’t pull any punches!

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