The story behind 184% ROI for a cyber security customer

Herdify worked with the UK division of a global cyber security business to increase their sales and marketing effectiveness. Here we show the steps from start to finish that resulted in a 184% ROI.

Setup is a quick and easy process.

Step 1 / Create an account

Creating an account on the Herdify portal is quick and easy to do taking less than two minutes.

Step 2 / Send us data

Sending us data is simple, you can connect to certain CRM systems directly in the portal or simply export the data from your sales or finance system and upload it.

Step 3 / Our magic

We run our process to generate recommendations, this typically takes less than 24hrs depending on the amount of data provided.

Step 4 / Recommendations ready

You’ll receive an email when the recommendations are ready. Simply log into the portal to see an ordered list of the locations you should target.

What data do we need?

We use your first-party sales data. This can come from any system but typically is a finance or CRM system. We’re looking to understand where you have had successful sales and where and when these took place.

Activation: How did the company generate the 184% return?

This is a multi-function step. Today we have an integration into LinkedIn Campaign Manager so your recommendations can be used to target LinkedIn campaigns with a simple click of a button.

This company didn’t use LinkedIn so we provided them a CSV file of the data and they used it in the following ways:


They gave the data to the person responsible for paid media, in their case this was their performance agency who used this to configure their Google Ads.

If you don’t have a paid media expert, we have partner agencies we work with.


Their sales teams prioritised cold-calling to the areas we recommended as there was an above-average chance of the caller having heard of them resulting in more sales.

By measuring the sales in the locations we recommend against control locations, they observed an increase in sales revenue providing a 184% ROI on targeted locations.

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