What do marbles and marketing have in common?

Imagine this: you’re attempting to balance a thousand marbles in your arms. Seems impossible, doesn’t it? Some of those glass orbs are destined to scatter across the floor. 

Now, picture the same scenario, but this time, the marbles are glued together. Suddenly, the task becomes manageable. In fact, you might even say it’s easy. 

It’s all about the connectedness, isn’t it? The marbles stick together; you hold onto them more easily.

The power of a cohesive customer base

Consider this a metaphor for customer acquisition in the business world. It’s not about grabbing as many customers as you can, like a contestant in a gameshow. 

It’s about cultivating a community of customers who are glued together by common interests, values, or needs.

Take, for instance, the launch of Facebook. Rather than casting a wide net, they focussed on a single College to get the ball rolling. 

Uber didn’t try to acquire 1,000 random customers; they launched in one city.

By doing this, Facebook and Uber created a core customer base that shares content, interacts, and builds the platform’s credibility.

Why randomness is your enemy

In the world of e-commerce and online advertising, randomness can be your downfall. Sure, algorithms can churn out potential customer lists in a heartbeat, but those leads lack cohesiveness. 

They’re like those thousand marbles you’re trying to hold without them being glued together. The first hiccup in your campaign and they scatter, never to return.

Don’t let the abundance of choices fool you into thinking that you should sell everywhere and to everyone. 

Take the craft beer industry as a case in point. New breweries often find the most success when they focus on their local communities first. Fostering loyalty among a group that can touch, taste, and fully experience their product.

Leveraging human psychology for customer retention

One of the inherent traits we humans share is our need for consistency, especially in a group setting. It’s why we stick to the same brands of toothpaste or why we always order the same meal at our favourite restaurant. 

If you can tap into this behavioural bias by creating a tightly-knit community around your brand, you’ll find that not only are your customers more loyal, they also become brand ambassadors.

Take a brand that sells eco-friendly products, for example. Their customers are not just buying soap; they’re buying into a lifestyle. 

They share this lifestyle with their friends, family, and social networks, creating a ripple effect. 

Before you know it, you’ve got a community of customers championing your brand without you lifting a finger.

The key takeaway

The lesson here is simple but powerful: quality always beats quantity. 

Focusing on creating a connected, engaged community around your brand will not only help you retain customers but will also turn them into your biggest advocates.

So, next time you’re considering a broad, scattergun approach to customer acquisition, remember the marbles. Connectedness is your glue, and with it, you’re far less likely to drop the ball.


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