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Transform word-of-mouth into exponential brand growth

With Herdify’s AI technology, harness hidden word-of-mouth by understanding where people are talking about your retail brand in the real world.

Unlock unseen ROI, power-up your marketing strategy and grow one community at a time, like Axel Arigato.

Herdify word-of-mouth platform dashboards
Herdify word-of-mouth platform dashboards

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Axel Arigato, Area Hi Sneaker

“Our diverse community is what powers our brand. Working with Herdify, we reduced the costs of growing brand advocacy by 99% in areas with strong word-of-mouth.”

Before Herdify

Stop us if this sounds familiar

Your retail business was on an intergalactic trajectory, but growth has slowed and acquisition is a nightmare. It’s overwhelmingly noisy out there, and it’s harder and harder to make your brand stand out.

Find out why consumers’ brains filter and forget, and how to stand out against the competition.

Follow the herd

92% more insight than social media listening

Word-of-mouth is the single biggest influence on consumer buying behaviour – only 12% of the population buys without recommendation. Until now it’s been hidden, because 92% of conversations happen offline.

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Why Herdify

The world’s 1st offline brand tracking tool

Herdify is the only platform that can tell you where social groups are talking about your brand in the real world. Discover how pandemic science can tell you where your best brand advocates and next customers are.

After Herdify

Focus, plan and deploy more effectively

Herdify’s technology will tell you where your brand is being recommended and talked about in the real world. These are the locations where customers are most likely to respond to your marketing activity, resulting in supersonic growth, reduced acquisition costs and more sales.

Next-generation insights, at the click of a button

Monitor your brand's influence

Understand how much word-of-mouth is supporting your brand and track how it changes over time

Receive actionable insights

Monthly data sets that show you precisely where to focus marketing spend to harness word-of-mouth

Measure results

Track omnichannel impact over time

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Omnichannel insights & measurement

Backed by 15 years of work with leading data scientists

Simple to use and designed for marketers, not data analysts

GDPR compliant & built for a cookie-less future

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“These are the best results we’ve seen for non-branded keywords since we started Google Ads. We were struggling with expensive and unsustainable CPC. We targeted only areas with word-of-mouth and saw conversion rates and ROAS more than double.”

Frequently asked questions

Nothing, it just doesn’t tell the whole story. Despite the advent of social media, our local social networks are still the biggest influence on our behaviour.

That, coupled with the volume of users who don’t interact online, means you only see part of your brand puzzle.

No. We’re an analytics tool for marketing teams that specialises in identifying where people are talking about your brand in real life. 

Today there are no options to identify offline word-of-mouth; 60% of conversation happens offline so social listening misses this. Digital retailers have random sales that cover entire countries, so when you plot their sales locations it typically just shows the locations that are highly populated, not where your brand is strongest.
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Increase ROAS by 50% with a non-branded keyword strategy

“These are the best results that we’ve seen for non-branded keywords since we started Google Ads,” says James Robinson, ecommerce manager at the Rare Tea Company.

In our free keyword strategy guide, Ed Barter, lead data scientist at Herdify, explains why brands that maintain or invest in keyword spend are more likely to win the 2023 marketing race.