Case study | Abel & Cole

We’re Abel & Cole, trailblazers in sustainable shopping since 1988 – from our groundbreaking “packaging promise” to sourcing the very best organic and sustainable food, drink and more.

"Herdify helped us use community targeting to improve our already successful door drop campaigns with Whistl. The response rates in areas with Abel & Cole communities were 120% higher than in those without. As a result, we will be using Whistl and Herdify's modelling for our future door drop campaigns.”

Before Herdify

We are an established brand with a loyal and engaged following, and wanted to use the power of our existing communities to engage new customers.

Communities are an important part of our brand growth story, and we’ve always tried to reward customer engagement with referral codes, subscriber discounts and club memberships. On average, our customers in areas with communities spend 10% more than those in areas without, so we wanted to focus our door drops to help target growth in these locations.

We’d had good success working with Whistl in the past to target our door drop campaigns, and wanted to see if using Herdify’s community scoring could boost the campaigns further.

The details

Abel & Cole took advantage of the partnership between Herdify and Whistl to run a targeted door drop campaign. The campaign combined Herdify and Whistl’s targeting models to fit postcode sectors for the campaign into one of three categories:

  1. Areas where Herdify and Whistl’s targets aligned
  2. Areas inside Herdify’s targets and outside of Whistl’s targets
  3. Areas inside Whistl’s targets and outside of Herdify’s targets

The Numbers

The Herdify data set was simple to work with, particularly when combined with Whistl’s easy implementation. There was very little work to do for us as a team at Abel & Cole.

We found that response rates were highest in areas where Herdify and Whistl worked together to find targets.