Case study | Outdoor & Cycle Concepts

Outdoor & Cycle Concepts (O&CC), the parent company of Snow + Rock, Runners Need and Cotswold Outdoor, a leader in the “Outdoor retailer” industry, wanted to understand and grow their community advocacy, behavioural insights and Word-of-mouth (WOM) to increase sales and brand recognition.

Collaborating closely with their Digital teams, we identified communities, and our expert team of behavioural analysts advised on locations to target their marketing activities, leading to an increased ad clickthrough rate of 20%, an increased conversion rate of 9%, and a decreased cost per acquisition by 3% during the trial phase when compared against a control campaign.

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“We are impressed with the results so far that we’ve seen in the trial with Herdify. We applied their behavioural segmentation to our test Google Performance Max campaign for Cotswold Outdoor and saw an uplift in ROAS of up to 25% during that trial period”

O&CC – Before Herdify

As an established brand in the outdoor industry, community marketing is crucial for us. With our digital teams always looking for ways to increase growth across our channels, we sought out Herdify to see if it could help boost our online targeting and increase conversions.

Notably, we wanted to understand whether our advertising was driving results for our e-commerce and physical stores, and to see how Herdify data on our Performance Max ad campaigns could help increase conversions.

We sell other brands in our Cotswold Outdoor and Snow+Rock stores, such as Patagonia, The North Face and Rab, so we were intrigued about how community advocacy would play out for us. For our businesses, community recommendations could take the form of where to buy outdoor clothing and sportswear rather than which brands to buy.

O&CC – After Herdify

We worked with Herdify to test the impact of community insights within our Google Performance Max campaigns.

We used Herdify’s behavioural segmentation as an additional data layer within Performance Max and discovered that these insights improved the return on ad spend (ROAS).

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