Case study | Perrys

We’re Perrys, one of the largest independently owned car dealer groups in the UK.

“Trust and recommendations are huge in our industry, but until now we’ve been unable to really harness that customer advocacy. Referrals and loyalty schemes haven’t painted a true picture of where our customers COULD come from. Then we worked with Herdify to find this out – and discovered that it was 9 x times cheaper to acquire customers from these community areas.”

Before Herdify

As a car dealership group with more than 110 years of history, we knew that customers were coming to us through word-of-mouth and local advocacy. We thought that these recommendations were as a result of social media activity and customer proximity to our showrooms.

We were suffering from the same challenges as many in our industry – CAC had gone up exponentially, the cost of impressions had increased by 25-30% across all channels, and the IOS privacy updates had impacted the performance of social channels.

When Herdify explained the behavioural science behind herd mentality and community growth, we understood that this was something we should tap into.

After Herdify

We worked with Herdify to apply their community detection insights across our paid digital channels.

We were able to understand which community areas were driving customer footfall, and therefore further target those locations to drive community conversation and growth.

Herdify’s community insights also enabled us to develop awareness around one of our newer, underperforming showrooms in Kent.

By detecting where community conversation was already happening about the showroom, we could target those locations with our marketing activity to turn recommendations into revenue.

The numbers